Unified Communications

CommuniGate Systems’ goal is to consolidate all forms of Internet Communications into one address space, making the single address for email, IM, VoIP and video calling, more productive, portable, and independent of tariffs and tolls of closed network topologies. The CommuniGate “SIPify your life” strategy and programs such as Trade In & Trade Up will build and enable global change, one address, one network, always connected, and always portable.

Headquartered in Mill Valley, California, CommuniGate Systems has over 12,000 customers worldwide, ranging from the largest broadband, wireless and wire line service providers, to enterprises of all sizes. Over 130 million end users including 47 million voice customers rely upon CommuniGate Systems products for their voice and data communication needs.

CommuniGate Systems offers:

  • Standards-based technologies for maximum flexibility
  • Maximum scalability and high performance
  • Session Border Controller with IPv6 support
  • Robust and open development environment with rich API's including XML
  • Ease of administration and granular delegation
  • Support for UNIX, Linux, Windows, BSD and OSX
  • Active-Active Application level clustering
  • PBX, Voicemail, ACD, Email and IM applications
  • HTML5 Web-RTC Interface (Web Realtime Communications)

The CommuniGate Pro Unified Communications solution includes a full suite of VoIP applications that help deliver higher productivity and mobile access for business users. Providing VoIP in the SaaS model removes the complexities of premise based equipment. Business subscribers can just “register” phones no matter if they are in the office, at the home office, or moving around using the Pronto! Web 2.0 client or even an iPhone.

CommuniGate Pro features:

  • HD Voice and Video
  • Mobile VoIP applications (mVoIP), Virtualized IP PBX
  • Affordable Unified Communications System
  • Ideal for operation as fileserver
  • Cross platform system (compatible with almost all operating systems)
  • Unified Communication applications for smartphones (iPhone/android clients)
  • Social network integration (Twitter, Facebook)
  • Instant messaging (IM) and presence
  • Groupware Communication (common calendar, HD conference calling, file sharing)
  • It is daily used 150 million people in 12.000 clients worldwide