NSS distributes infrastructure system solutions to the market that are absolutely essential for a successful project implementation.


In order to keep up with business needs, companies are required to implement and manage more and more servers, resulting in data centers that are out of room, power and cooling capacities. Through virtualization the majority of servers in production are running at 10% utilization or less, resulting in poor ROI and wasted data center space, power and cooling. NSS Virtualization solutions are unique and correspond to any budget limitations. NSS team has the breadth of knowledge and experience to handle all aspects of your virtualization strategy, including the discovery, design, implementation, migration and training.

Backup & Storage

Businesses today face an ever-increasing need for more and more data storage. This need is often driven by new compliance requirements that requires to keep more data for longer periods, virtualization ie. shared storage for high availability and disaster recovery/business continuity. NSS can provide you with affordable solutions for create SAN (Storage Area Network systems – block access), NAS (Network Attached Storage – file access), and replication technologies using special software and standard system hardware. In addition to that NSS provides a complete line of backup, recovery and archiving solutions. In order to take advantage of storage investments, NSS recommends reviewing your data’s life cycle and archiving unneeded data, saving storage costs along with backup and recovery times.

NSS professional services team includes a group of highly certified and experienced backup & storage consultants to assist from discovery and design to implementation, migration and training services. This allows NSS to provide end-to-end services, along with hands-on knowledge transfer to your company.

Environmental Monitoring

The monitoring of the environmental conditions in Computer Rooms and Datacenters and high-risk areas is absolutely necessary and requires the use of special sensors for monitoring temperature, humidity, water leakage, smoke, voltage supply, physical security, etc. It is quite important that such a system must have a direct communication means to the responsible people in case of change of acceptable limits, even by using an independent communications system is the very device as an alternative.

Why NSS?

NSS is comprised of the highest qualified, vendor-certified professionals in the area who bring years of diverse experience to better address your business issues. NSS approach to problem-solving and business process consulting ensures that the technical solution developed enhances, your business process for greater productivity and customer satisfaction.